All Classes:

Helmets are required during all legs of the race.  The Good Samaritan Rule is in effect throughout the race, with each competitor accepting the responsibility to assist another.


All competitors will be issued a timing chip anklet.  The timing chip must be handed off to the next team mate at each transition (if on a team).  Timing chips will be collected after the boater crosses the finish line.   $95 replacement fee for any timing chips not collected at the finish.  The finish line will be on shore.

If participants don’t make the cut off times, they won’t receive a leg time.

There may be one competitor per leg on a team.


All skiers must use skins for AT gear and wear a helmet. Nordic gear and scaled skies are welcome as well. Splitboards are allowed but not recommended.  Caution and skill for all participants will be needed on the steep grade from the Continental Divide to Fooses Creek.


All bicyclists must obey all traffic laws. Bicycles will be walked across the highway.  There will be volunteer staff for assistance in crossing the highway. Oncoming traffic will not be stopped or controlled.  Failure to comply with walking the bike across will result in disqualification. Volunteer staff will determine compliance. Helmets are required.

Private Property:

The bike route runs through and adjacent to many parcels of private property.  Please stay on the road when traveling through these private parcels.  For one, its not fast to venture off the road.  For two, if you trespass off the road onto private property, you will be disqualified from the event and may be prosecuted.


Paddlers must wear a PFD and may use canoes, SUPs or kayaks (hard shell or inflatable). One boat, one racer- no athletes joining up on one craft.  Paddlers must get out of their boat and cross the finish line wearing the transponder.  PFDs must be worn by all competitors in the boating leg. Teams without life jackets will be disqualified. Be aware of possible high winds at Transition 2 blowing gear.

Right of Way:

Slower competitors: Please give right of way to an overtaking competitor. Faster competitors:  Use caution when passing.  Don’t expect the slower racer to yield in areas of danger.

This is an open course- look out for other people, cars, atvs, motos, horses, snowmobiles, etc.


Have a plan to collect and very clearly label your gear at each exchange. Labeling each individual piece of gear is highly recommended as well. A friend or family member may collect your gear at each exchange. If needed, skis from Transition 1 and bikes from Transition 2 will be transported to the finish by 3P volunteers/Absolute Bikes.  Absolute Bikes and Salida 3P are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Support Crews/Vehicles:

Support crews are not allowed, although friends and family may watch along public roads.  Absolutely no parking will be allowed on Highway 50.  Note that the first 3 miles of Section 1 and none of Section 2 on the bike route are accessible by vehicle.

As per Forest Service rules, dogs must be leashed.  Violators will be disqualified.  Please pick up after your dog 🙂